Importing bees to the Province permanently?

Here are the things you need to know in order to import bees to PEI and the steps in which you need to follow.

  1. Register a Premises Identification Number with the Province
  2. Fill out an importation application for 2021
  3. When you fill out your application, you’ll need to know the name and location and date of importation to properly fill out your application.  Once filled out, send to the address listed and Cameron Menzies who is the Provincial Apiarist will process your application (free) and provide you with a Bee Health Certificate.  With that certificate you can then provide that to the exporter for their records.

Please also be sure you are following the guidelines set forth in the Importation Protocol which outlines the procedure for permanent and temporary importation.

Read more information on importing honeybees to PEI.

It really isn’t all that difficult to import bees to PEI, as long as you’ve followed the proper procedure and filled out all the paperwork.  It’s important to make sure the Province is aware of all honeybees coming into PEI to protect our local population of bees from risk of new pests and diseases.

If you have any questions on this procedure and protocol, please contact the PEIBA and we will assist you however we can.