At our recent board meeting we introduced a new policy in regards to when registration closes for the PEI Beekeepers Association’s members.

April 30th of each year is when the registration will be closed to new members.  Currently, as per our bylaws, members are to join at the time of and during the Annual General Meeting which typically takes place now end of November early December.  This will give you a 5 month window to become a member.  With that, the website has created some flexibility to join at a later date with it’s membership form online 24/7.  Memberships are good for one year and provide you incentives we acquire through the Association to help bring you value.

There are two exceptions to this policy.  Associate members can join at any time throughout the year.  Also, if there is a member wishing to join beyond the April 30th cut off date, it will be examined case by case by the board at it’s next scheduled board meeting.

Also, as you may have already known last year, in order to take part of the Pollination Expansion Program – you need to be a member with the PEIBA in good standing each year.  With that being said, the Province has agreed and will be releasing the PEP before April 30th each year and most likely sooner.

If you wish to become a member you can fill out this form found on our website.

Thank you
Troy Fraser – PEIBA President