We understand!

Learning how to become a beekeeper is a journey of hands on experience, mentorship, book reading, videos and simply just asking questions.  We were all once there and the path you take to become a beekeeper will be different for everyone.

Just looking to start out as a hobby with a few hives?  No problem.  We are going to launch our online beekeeping course in the months to come.  This will be geared towards the beginner who wants to learn beekeeping.

Maybe you want to take on beekeeping commercially.  You are in the right place!  As you learn how to manage a few hives through our learning program, you’ll gain confidence and ability to expand without fear of losing all your hives over winter.  By becoming a member of the PEIBA, you will be able to connect with other commercial beekeepers and learn from their mistakes.

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Executive Director - JoAnn Pineau