Report a Swarm of Bees

How to report a swarm of bees

Swarm of Bees on a Tree LimbFirst of all, there are a few things you need to know about bees and when they swarm.  Swarming is a very natural and common occurrence for bees.  Is it their way in reproducing as a colony.  Bees will contribute their own success as a colony by how many times they can reproduce, or swarm each year.  Swarms although very intimidating and scary to watch are actually the time in which bees are the most docile and gentle.  Their bellies are filled with honey so when they do find their new home they have initial resources to start building honeycomb and establish their new nest.  Because of this, bees are only protecting their queen and not their home because at this point, they do not have a home.  A swarm of bees hanging from a tree limb or other can remain their for up to 72 hours at which time if the scout bees are successful finding a new home, the swarm will all leave at once to the new location.  Swarms are NOT permanent locations but only temporary resting spots until they can find a suitable home to settle in and build.  The risk you do run by leaving a swarm to find their own home and not contacting a beekeeper is they could take residence in the walls of your home, shed or other at which point the removal process is more laborious and not many beekeepers will then take on the job.


What you should do when a swarm has landed on your property?

  1. Take pictures – if you can take pictures even from a distance to show where the swarm is and give an idea how far up in a tree or other it is located
  2. Stay away from the swarm especially if you do not have protective equipment, clothing and could be allergic to a bee sting
  3. Call any one of the beekeepers listed below in your area and they will come and capture the swarm and move it to a safe location


Ryler Somers – 902-213-4909
Location for travel: Charlottetown and East

Trent Howlett – 9023938233
Location for travel: Within 5 minutes of the Cymbria area

What type of bee do I have?

There is often times where people are confused on what type of bee has taken residence on their property.  Honeybees will cluster in a ball and remain in this configuration for a period of time – while in swarm mode.  Bumblebees are big, loud and fuzzy bees who will also die like the honeybee if they sting you will create nests under patios, doorsteps, underground up to 18-24 inches or hollowed out cavities – even basements.  Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Bald Faced Wasps will create paper type nests, cone shaped and domed.  All of which can sting repeatedly without loss of life.  These types of bees are bees in which beekeepers do not remove or destroy.  You’ll need to call your local pest control.  We can help you identify which type of bee you have by sending us pictures.



Wasp / Yellow Jacket

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